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GB WhatsApp: Download GB WhatsApp Apk For Android (Anti-Ban 2020)

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GB WhatsApp is a clone model for the most popular messaging app known as WhatsApp. At present, the world is filled with smartphones and the internet has made the world even smaller, at this point of time a social messaging app like WhatsApp has succeeded in gaining enormous craze all over the world. The quickness in sending messages via this platform has gained millions of followers in very little time. 

Now we have a brief idea on WhatsApp, but What is GBWhatsApp and why it is called clone for original WhatsApp? 

What Is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modified and cracked version of original WhatsApp and this version will give you access to several new features that are not available in the original version. This cracked version has more than 7 versions and all these versions brought stunning updates and made it popular in less period. 

All these unique features and options offered by this app make it more distinctive than the original one. If you are fed up with the original and searching for more features then this modded app is a perfect choice for you. 

The creative minds behind this app are GBWA who also have experience in developing several other stunning apps

Why GB WhatsApp?

There are several reasons that prove this app as a better choice when compared to the original one. Here, let’s discuss some of them. One of the main differences among them is dual accounts, this platform is perfect for people who want to use two accounts in one device at a time. 

Besides that this platform also offers several stunning features that you will not get in the original one. 

Without wasting time let’s talk about stunning features of this app.

Gb Whatsapp Features

Dual WhatsApp Accounts 

We all use multiple sims on our devices, most of us categorize one sim for personal uses and the other one for official purpose. 

To create an account in WhatsApp you have to sacrifice one of the numbers because in the original version there is no option for using dual accounts.

GB WhatsApp stepped in to solve this issue quite painlessly. This modified version is compatible with the original one, which allows you to use both the version by creating dual accounts in each one of them at a time.  

It would be better if you use your temporary number for the modified version, this will reduce the chances of facing risks of using the MOD version. 

Free Themes 

One more interesting feature offered by GB Whatsapp is its themes. Regular  WhatsApp does not offer a unique or stunning variety of themes. It has only one theme and you have to use it no matter what mood you are in. 

If you are using GB WhatsApp then this is not a big deal for you this modified app offers you thousands of beautiful themes according to your mood. 

People who are bored of using the original version with the same old features should try this creative Modded app. Download thousands of new themes give a new look to your chat every day.

Message Scheduler 

This feature attracted many people who love to be active on social media. This feature will allow you to send reminders, notifications, and important messages to their colleagues. 

Now let’s discuss different aspects of this feature!

  • This feature allows you to give auto-reply messages when you are busy.
  • You can also schedule your message by setting a particular date and time.

These two features are very helpful for people who are busy and stuck in multitasking but still they need to send messages on time. 

To use this feature you have to send the message you wish to send to the people in the edit box, open settings to find the edit box. Set a particular time to send the message, once the time limit ends your message will be sent. 


There is no logout option in WhatsApp like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter provide, there are so many users who comment in Play Store asking for a logout feature. 

An app should have a logout feature because it is impossible to hide our mobile all the time, it contains a lot of personal and sensitive information that we cannot put in risk. 

But with GB WhatsApp you can put a lock to WhatsApp and you can log out whenever you want. This will take care of the safety of your chats.


This platform offers stunning features to its users and the most important one among all is privacy. The features of this modded app are very useful.

It allows you to hide a lot of stuff from your fellow mates, and this hide option is proven to be beneficial.

You can hide the below-mentioned things using this platform:

  1. Users can hide their ‘Online Status.’
  2. It helps in hiding ‘Blue Ticks.’
  3. Hides ‘Second Tick.’
  4. People will not be able to see your ‘Typing Status.’
  5. You can also hide the ‘Recording’ symbol while recording something.
  6. Users will also get an option to hide ‘View Status.’

It’s not over yet, the big one is coming now, and it is ‘Anti Revoke’ which allows you to read the messages that are deleted by the sender, interesting right?

To do this go to Menu > Privacy > select the option you want to hide.

Auto-Reply messages

Another interesting feature of this modded version is Auto-Reply. This feature allows you to set a reply that can be sent to people when they message you in your busy times.

This feature is also available in the original version but you have to do it using third-party applications, but in this version, it comes inbuilt.

Menu > GB Setting > Auto Reply Message > Plus Button > toggle Button.

Media Sharing

In the original version of Whatsapp the image resolution decreases when you send it to someone, even a video or image you keep as status also automatically reduces to lesser resolution.

Whereas, GBWhatsapp the image or video you send gets enhanced and allows you to share high-resolution videos or images. Also there are some other modifications you get while using this app, they are:

  1. Users can share a video up to 50MB.
  2. Images will be sent with maximum resolution.
  3. You can share an audio file up to 100MB.
  4. You can post full resolution images or videos as status.
  5. Limit for video status will be increased to 7 minutes.

Menu > GB Settings > Appearance > Media Sharing.

Hide Initial Status

At Least once in our life we all have tried to give explanations to our closed ones regarding not replying while being online. This may cause misunderstandings between people, and sometime online status. So, this modified application is here to solve all your problems regarding status visibility. 

Typing/Recording Status:

In regular WhatsApp, you can see typing status when someone is trying to send you a text message, or even if recording a voice note. If you are not okay with that then you GB WhatsApp will help you. It allows you to hide your typing status.

‘Online’ Status:

One of the most useful features of this app is that users can hide their online status.  

Additional Benefits Of Using GBWhatsapp

Ban-Proof- Most of the modded versions of Whatsapp gets banned, but GBWhatsapp added anti-ban codes in its latest update.

Lock- Users will get an option to add a separate password to this particular app. This way you can protect your chats and sensitive information you share with others.

Video Player- You can use third-party video players to watch the videos you receive.

Disable Voice Calls- when you are busy or if you are not in a mood to have a conversation then you can simply turn on the disable voice calls option in settings.

Always Online- you can choose to remain online even though your screen turns-off.

Lock Particular Chat- This feature allows you to keep a security code to chats you choose.

Various languages- The original version supports only one language, whereas this modified app is available in various languages.

Status can be copied- Now you can copy statuses of your friends.

Able to send more images- Users can send more than 10 images in a go.

Customized emojis- The developers added more customized emojis. This will enhance the chat experience.

Add stickers from Google Play- Now, users can add stickers directly from Google Play.

Amazing tick styles- Users will get an option to change their tick styles.

Change notify-bar icon- You can customize your notification bar according to your wish.

Multi gif providers- Several gif providers now offer their services to this modified app.

All versions of GBWhatsapp

These are the different versions launched by the developers of GBWhatsapp. Each version brought something new for us. Let’s have a look at all the versions once:

  • V8.25
  • V8.20
  • V8.10
  • V8.05
  • V8.00
  • V7.99
  • V7.20
  • V7.10

Is GBWhatsApp Safe?

There are many speculations going around regarding the safety of GB WhatsApp, and all of them are quite understandable. The most common question people have is that it is not available in the play store, so they come to the conclusion that it might not be safe. But it’s not true, GB WhatsApp never causes any damage to your device or to your personal information.

Even though it is not available in the Play Store, it never lost its speciality and credibility when it comes to security. 

This app is absolutely safe if you download it from a genuine link.

So, do not worry about installing GB WhatsApp on your device. Just make sure to download it from a trusted site.

Gb Whatsapp Version Information

App NameGB WhatsApp
Size52 MB
Requires Android4.0+
Last updated1 day ago

Gb Whatsapp Installation

Installation process is very easy. It will not take more than 1 minute to install this application.

If you know how to install applications from third-party sources, then this process is not for you. You download it directly. People who are new to this process, follow the below-mentioned steps:

But before starting the installation process, don’t forget to backup your chat. To back your chat:

  1. Open your original Whatsapp and navigate to settings by clicking on three dots present at top right corner.
  2. Tap on chats.
  3. Click on chat backup.
  4. Tap on the Backup button, and the process will start. Wait until the backup finishes it may take some time.

Now, it’s for installation of GBWhatsapp:

  1. Tap on the download link available on this page, wait for a few seconds a .apk file will be downloaded.
  2. Now, go to the file manager and search for the downloaded apk file and click on it once you find it.
  3. You will get a pop-up saying ‘allow applications from unknown sources’ click on allow.
  4. The app will be installed.
  5. Launch the app and agree to the terms and conditions. 
  6. Now, you will get an option ‘copy Whatsapp data’ button, click on it and enter your number.
  7. After verifying your mobile number, you will get the restore option on screen, click on it to restore all your chats.

That’s it, you are good to go.

How to Restore WhatsApp Data to GBWhatsApp and Vice Versa?

After installing GBWhatsapp you may have queries regarding how to transfer your original whatsapp data, and some people may have queries regarding how transfer GbWhatsapp data to original Whatsapp.

We are here to help you with this process. This data transferring is not very complicated instead it is as simple as backing up your chats or conversations.

Method 1

This method will teach you how to backup chat with just one click:

Before starting this process, an important thing to remember is that this method will be useful for both transfer of data and conversations from GBWhatsApp to the official WhatsApp app, and the official WhatsApp to your GBWhatsApp app. It works both ways.

Step 1

First of all launch dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer app.

Tap on the “WhatsApp Transfer” option.

Step 2

You will see the ‘Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages’ option, click on it.

But before doing that don’t forget to copy all the data present in GBWhatsapp or Whatsapp using the above discussed procedure. This is just to be sure that you are not going to lose your data in any circumstances.

After completing this process disconnect your device from the computer and uninstall your WhatsApp or GBWhatsApp application and install the version you want to use.

Now, once again connect the device to your PC, open dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer and tap on the ‘Restore WhatsApp Messages to Android device’ option. Upload the the the backup file you just saved, and your messages will be restored to your device.

Method 2

Step 1

Launch your WhatsApp app and go to Settings > click on Chats and then tap on the ‘Backup Chats’ option.

This will complete the backup process within a couple of minutes.

Step 2

Now, download and install the GBWhatsApp application on your device from a trusted site.

After installing GBWhatsApp, uninstall the official WhatsApp application by tapping on Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Uninstall.

Step 3

On your device open the file manager app and go to storage tab search for the file  ‘WhatsApp’ and rename this ‘GBWhatsApp.’

Now open this folder and search for all the files that are named ‘WhatsApp’ and change the file name to ‘GBWhatsApp.’ For instance, WhatsApp Image will be renamed as GBWhatsApp Image.

Step 4

After completing the above-mentioned step,open the GBWhatsApp application and enter your mobile number that is linked to the original WhatsApp application. Complete the verification process by entering the OTP. You will see an option ‘Restore chat’ click on it.

Alternatives To Download And Install GBWhatsApp?

Users who are looking for a genuine platform to download GBWhatsApp app on their devices, we’ve got your back. With our team’s research we made a list of top platforms from where you can install GBWhatsapp in a safe and secure way without worrying about malware.

Let’s have a look on some of the trustworthy websites to download and install GBWhatsApp right away;

Latest Mod APKs

This platform is one of the most loved and highly rated links on Google and it offers the apk file of version 6.70, it also gives a detailed step-by-step guide to users to complete installation. The site is secured with the best Encryption services. You can also go here when learning how to update GBWhatsApp.


UptoDown is an imitation for Google Play Store in downloading apk files, like GBWhatsApp. Although, while the website is both safe and encrypted by DigiCert technologies, the only version available is the older 2.18.330.

Android APKs Free

One more reliable and trustworthy website to download this MOD is the ‘Android APKs Free’ website. This website is encrypted by COMODO services, but one thing to remember here is that it only offers the later 2.18.327 version of the GBWhatsApp mod.

Soft Alien (Recommended)

This is for the users who are searching to download the most updated version of GBWhatsApp, ‘Soft Alien’. This platform is the best choice for you. Here, users can download the most up-to-date 7.81 version of GBWhatsapp with the help of a secure and encrypted website connection given by CloudFlare Inc, one of the most popular protection agencies.


The final choice for users to install GBWhatsApp is from OpenTechInfo. This platform is another renowned website that’s been accredited and applauded by COMODO and gives users a secure path to install the latest 7.81 2020 version of the mod.


One important thing to keep in mind is that there will not be any kind of security issues in GBWhatsapp. It is offering some of the best security features that you will not get anywhere else.

Don’t over think, install GBWhatsapp and enjoy stunning features of it.

I hope this article clears all your doubts, share this with your friends and let them know what GBWhatsapp is.

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