PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an abbreviation for the most popular and trending game in the world known as PUBG. This game falls into the action genre, it is a multiplayer game where a hundred people land in a map and take up the fight for their survival. 

This online action game is developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. 

The whole idea of this game completely relies on previous mods that were developed by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other games, and to develop this game he got inspiration from the 2000 Japanese classic film Battle Royale he took the idea from the movie and turned it into a game. 

In this game, one hundred players parachute onto an isolated island and look for guns, grenades, and other defense equipment to kill other players. Meanwhile, they have to protect themselves from getting killed.  

The available area to play will decrease as time passes and safe area of the map decreases in regular intervals, the one who stays alive passing all these hurdles will get to have a chicken dinner. 


PubG offers four different maps to its players, each map has its own specialties and uniqueness. Here we will discuss what are the maps available and what they offer.

Stay tuned with us to get more updates on new releases.

Sanhok – This is the smallest available map in PUBG. This map is filled with greenery and bushes that give an extra advantage to players they can prone from one place to another without getting caught. Players have a huge chance of getting chicken dinner on this map. There are several tricks, tips, and strategies that every player should know and follow to survive and win on this new small-scale battlefield. 

Erangel – This is the first-ever map in PUBG original version (and the most loved map). This map can be a little confusing for amateurs, but don’t worry we have pointed out the best landing spots to find maximum weapons and other equipment. We also pointed out some places where not to go.  

Miramar – This is the second map launched in the game, it is larger than the previous one and was not appreciated initially. But this map has become popular among the players who love slow pace gaming. My detailed guide on Miramar will help you know about the most useful and safe landing spots. 


PUBG has so many stunning and amazing gameplay mechanics that play a major role in bringing the player closer to earn his chicken dinner. Here, we will add many more articles as the game updates.

Solo Mode – In this mode the player will spawn in an isolated island all alone and to survive till last he/she totally has to rely on their skills and strategies.  

Duo Mode – In this game mode, every player will be paired up with another player and these two have to battle with 49 other pairs the duo that survives till last will be the winner. One more advantage of playing duo is your teammate can revive you when you get knocked down. 

Squad Mode – In this mode players are categorized into teams and each team consists of 4 players, if you want to increase the difficulty then you can play ‘duo vs squad’ or ‘solo vs squad’. 

Event Pass – This pass is a way to get hold of all updates for skins, attire, etc. To get them players have to complete all the levels and missions, accomplishing specific challenges will give you an event pass.  

Zombie Matches – This mode is named “Zombie: Survive Till Dawn” and to play this mode players have to select an Erangel map, with a zombie twist. The matches in this mode feature zombies along with other enemies, this increases the difficulty even more.    

Vaulting – It is nothing but a mechanism that allows players to see or go to the other side of a hurdle- Here, players can jump over carton boxes that block their path or they can even climb a wall. 

Faster Landing – Landing is one of the most important parts of the game, everything depends on how fast you land. In simple words, the faster you land the more you have a chance to win. Landing before everyone allows you to collect maximum loot and find a perfect spot to battle enemies. 

Farming BP – to increase BP points, players have to concentrate on getting as many kills as possible. These are the factors that will help in increasing your BP:

  • Kills – Number of players you killed in a single match. 
  • Rank – surviving is very important, it will note down how long you have survived.
  • Hits – you should try to damage other players as much as you can. This will increase your damage points. 

Better Aiming – Aiming plays a major role in winning the game, the better you aim the more you have a chance to win. To make your aim better you can use scope or iron-sights, it’s important that a player should make the most in every battle he/she participates. Read our future articles to know tips and tricks about aiming. 

Best Landing Spots – In a map there are many safe spots and there are some dangerous spots, knowing the better place to land will improve your winning chances.  

Best Weapons by Category

Assault Rifles – It’s time to discuss each and every weapon present in PUBG. Among all weapons assault rifles give more satisfying results. The performance of these rifles is extreme and they help you in fighting close and mid-range battles. 

Sniper Rifles – players who love taking down their enemies from long distance will love these sniper rifles. To use these rifles you must have practise in sniping and you should select a perfect spot to lie down and snipe. 

Grenades – Action or shooter games are incomplete without having a grenade and other throwaways. These grenades will help players in intimidating their enemies, to smoke them out or clear a building.

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