TweakBox: #1 AppStore (Download Now For Android & iOS) 2020

TweakBox is Considered as one of the finest, most safest, of all the third-party application installers. This platform helps us in installing applications and popular games on iOS devices. 

The most interesting fact about this platform is that it does not require jailbreaking  to make it function. This opened the gates for iOS users across the globe.  

The apps and games present here get updates on a regular basis. Not only apps and games, but also the platforms itself gets updated and offers new features consistently. In each update it concentrates on the issues they have to fix and on what areas they could be much better. 

All the apps and games present here are tweaked or modded.

Is TweakBox Safe?

Yes. Don’t fill your mind with additional doubts, it is 100% Safe and secure to have on your device and use, and there are several reasons that prove this is one of the safest third-party app providing platform ever.

The developers spent several months building this store, they took their time for testing in each and every possible way to make sure that it is 100% safe to use.  

There is no area for worrying as it comes totally malware free, and to make things more transparent they also declared that it will not interfere with any other apps that are installed on your device, nor is it a resource hog. To make sure it stays safe, the developers provide regular updates to the app installer.

Second, Tweak Box does not depend on permission to the root of the iOS in order to work, unlike Cydia, which did. The drawback of this is that 3rd party app installer unable to offer the features that are anywhere near to the features that same cydia offer, but the feature that makes Tweak Box special is that it offers impenetrable security for users and their devices. 

It is able to offer such high security because it does not jailbreak your iOS security, this keeps your information and your device safe. 

Apps present here will never try to get access to the inner functionality of the device, once again this proves that there is no harm to your personal information. 

Third, the developers who launched this platform concentrates mainly on protecting users privacy and information, this is their utmost priority always. 

TweakBox For IOS

  1. Click on any of the configuration profile download buttons above and wait for sometime until the page loads and then click on Allow.
  2. After doing this checkout for the link to get the install button and after finding it click on the button. You can use both Verified, Not Verified links to comlete this process, but it is better to use verified links. 
  3. This will take you to the ‘Profile page’ in your iOS device settings, you will ‘open’ button click on the link to Install. To open this link you have to enter your password; enter it in and wait for Safari browser to load.   
  4. Click on Install, and wait till the installation finishes.
  5. After the completion of installation you will find the Tweak Box icon on your home screen.
  6. Click on the app icon, go to the Apps tab and then choose the Category wish and then start downloading your apps 

How to Delete TweakBox?

The user interface of this platform is very simple and easy to understand, but if you are not interested in using it anymore then you can delete it, and after doing this your device will be restored like it was before installing this app.

Just remove it from Settings > General > Profiles

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