Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy discloses the information we gather about users personal data, how we use that data and what are the options that we give to users?

This policy also comprises details like how to manage your privacy and cookies settings, how to find what data do we have about you and how can you delete your account? strives really hard to meet expectations of users and we advanced methods to protect the collected data. We always try to be true to our users and we use all measures to keep our users privacy. We strongly believe that safeguarding user’s data will boost the confidence of users and plays a prominent role in building trust. concentrates mainly on offering several beneficial factors related to the internet and we provide an interactive and personalized experience.

What do we do with the collected data?

The data we gather is used to improve the user experience and also, we use this data to answer your question and issues, this way we try to sort out all the problems faced by our users.

We use users email to send product related information so that you get updated information about every product, we send company news and other notifications to keep you in touch with day to day happenings.

Do we share this data?

We don’t exchange our users data on any means, users trust us and they stay on our site, to keep their trust in us we work really hard and protecting their data is our foremost duty.

But there are a few situations where we may share your data:

l  If you conduct any out of the law actions through the site.
l  If we find your behavior doubtful or harmful.
l  If any laws or statutes ask us to do so.