When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out

When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out?

Are you eagerly anticipating the arrival of Spotify Wrapped, that annual musical journey that unveils your year in music? You’re not alone! Spotify Wrapped is one of the most awaited features for music enthusiasts worldwide. It’s the time when Spotify compiles all your listening data and delivers a personalized recap of your year in music, including your top songs, artists, and more. But the burning question on everyone’s mind is, “When does Spotify Wrapped come out?” 

We’re here to provide you with the latest information on when you can expect your Spotify Wrapped to drop so you can relive the magic of your musical year. Keep reading to stay in the know!

How Does Spotify Wrapped Work?

Spotify Wrapped, the annual music recap that we all eagerly await, operates based on your unique music preferences and listening habits. It takes into account data from January 1 to October 30 each year. Typically, Spotify releases your personalized Wrapped in the final week of November or the first week of December.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 was accessible to both free and premium Spotify users across all platforms. It’s designed not only for your enjoyment but also for sharing on social media. In fact, it’s a promotional campaign that generated over 1.2 million free tweets last time.

Types of Slides on Spotify Wrapped 2023

Types of Slides on Spotify Wrapped 2023

Spotify Wrapped offers a variety of insights, including your most-listened songs, albums, artists, favorite music genres, and total listening statistics. When I received my Spotify Wrapped 2022, here’s what it included:

  • You start with a poster proclaiming, “Your 2022 Wrapped is finally here.” Tap on “JUMP IN.”
  • After jumping in, you’ll encounter ten slides. The first is the “2022 Wrapped” poster, and the second reveals your top music genre.
  • The third slide displays your total playtime in minutes, while the fourth slide showcases your most-played song and how many times you played it.
  • Slide five presents the number of songs you’ve played, along with a list of your top 5 songs.
  • The sixth slide allows you to add your top 100 songs to your playlist, and the seventh slide highlights the leading artists and the minutes you’ve spent listening to them.
  • Slide eight unveils the top 5 artists, while slides nine and ten are basic thank-you pages.

While the layout may vary, these slides provide consistent information about your music preferences for the year.

Can You See Your Old Spotify Wrapped? 

Yes, you can access your past Spotify Wrapped summaries. Below, we’ve provided links to Spotify Wrapped from 2016 to 2021. Ensure that you’re logged into your original Spotify account before clicking these links:

Please note that Spotify Wrapped 2022 might not be included in this list, but we’ll update it as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to bookmark our site for updates.

When Does Spotify Wrapped 2023 Come Out?

 While an official date is yet to be confirmed, based on previous years, you can expect Spotify Wrapped to be released between November 25 and December 10. In 2022, I received mine on December 3, and in 2021, it arrived on November 29.

To ensure you receive your Spotify Wrapped, make sure you’re logged in with your actual user ID. Some users have reported not receiving their Wrapped, in which case contacting Spotify’s support team is the best course of action.

Why Can’t I See My Spotify Wrapped? 

There are several reasons why you may not see your Spotify Wrapped:

  • You might not be logged in with your original Spotify account.
  • Spotify Wrapped is only available at the end of the year; you can’t access it before then.
  • Insufficient activity on Spotify may prevent the creation of a Wrapped.
  • Technical issues could be a factor; consider contacting Spotify support for assistance.
  • Changing your location may lead to complications in generating a Wrapped.
  • Connecting with Facebook is advisable.

Given Spotify’s vast user base, it may take some time to roll out Wrapped to all users. If you haven’t received it by the end of December, reach out to Spotify support or seek assistance from the active Spotify communities. As a free user, I’ve consistently received my Spotify Wrapped in the first week of December, so patience is key.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What time does Spotify Wrapped come out?

Typically, Spotify Wrapped is released in the last week of November or the first week of December.

Will there be a 2023 Spotify Wrapped?

Yes, Spotify Wrapped is expected to be available for 2023.

What month did Spotify Wrapped come out?

Spotify Wrapped is usually released between November and December each year.

Is Spotify Wrapped only for premium?

No, Spotify Wrapped is accessible to both free and premium Spotify users.

Can I access Spotify Wrapped now in 2023?

You can access Spotify Wrapped when it is officially released, typically between November and December.

Is Spotify Wrapped free to access?

Yes, Spotify Wrapped is free to access for all Spotify users.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking?

Spotify Wrapped typically considers data from January 1 to October 30 each year for its recap.


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